Helicopter Models Stuff

Yes I fly helicopter models. To be honest I try to fly helicopter models and I am very proud of it! Well, at least when I don't crash. But nobody is perfect. Except me he he!
But there are worse thing than flying helis, for example flying airplanes. He he only kidding.
Once a guy told me that helicopters are not supposed to fly. Seems that helimodels know this very well. Another mistery is that they know exactly, in every moment, where the ground is. In fact I've never seen a model, or a real helicopter, loosing orientation and flying upwards out of control. Strange enough, they always, without exception whatsoever, join the hard soil when out of control, like they knew where to go to make things everytime worse. Must be the same principle for which a car model, when out of control, will go flat out towards the only concrete wall in the range of miles. They know where the wall is in the same manner the flying models know where the ground is.
You see, I have a gift, I can write bullshit without any effort. Ok, let's cut the crap and go down to bisuness. Here some useful things for people who is into helis or is thinking about getting into it.