My Hobbies.

A hell of a lot to say about my hobbies. I've been into different sports, like tennis, body building and karate, with poor results though. I've been into ultralight flying, parachutism, shooting, sailing, car models and helicopter models, electronics, music, off-road, motorcycles, computers.
Definitely too much for my very limited budget.
At the moment I still ride my bike, when it's not raining, and fly my hely model. And I'm also into computers of course. I really miss flying aiplanes, and car model racing. That was really big fun.
Aha, I forgot my main hobby, girls. Well, ain't really a hobby. It was my main occupation he he.
I'm almost retired now. Well, let's go to business. Here some pages about hobbies.

Bikes Car Models
Hely Models Airplanes
Off-Road Girls