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24 march 2011

added nuclear faq, David page

17 Sept2006

Da vacation! I, my girlfriend and Betty Boop in a cracking vacation down south, in Sardinia

23 Feb 2005

Added pictures from the trip to USA (january) and trip to Sweden

17 Dec 2003

pictures from Bazza's sardinian party

06 april 2003

Pictures of my new Delta evo2. a beautiful car. the best. ever.

21 oct 2002

Pictures of the Lancia Delta meeting in France

29 july 2002

I am just back from a biker's meeting in germany. we were a bunch of people from all over europe, a lot of sidecars and over 35 owners of the myth, the Cagiva Elefant 900.

16 april 2002

some pics of Adam and Liz added. Lancia Meeting in Sodertalje, south of Stockholm.

5 april 2002

Some pictures of a trip on the Baltic sea, cost of Sweden close to Sundsvall

21 march 2002

pictures of Evan, newly born in Dublin

9 feb 2002

yesterday we had a great sangria orgy, check out the pics... been to the swedish rally recentrly too, going to put some pics and clips as soon as i get less lazy...

21 dec 2001

Added few pics of my delta under the snow... damn cold here.

8 dec 2001
Well i guess a lot of things have changed lately. I am practically living in Sweden, i spent 8 months here last year, then i am here since last August. I have bought a crazy car, drove it to Dublin, a week after the engine blew, the plan was to drive it to Sweden but had to fly instead. I left the car in a workshop in order to fix it. Took nearly 3 months, then in october i went to Dublin and drove the car over to Stockholm. interesting journey and LOTS of fuel...well i knew that anyway.

I love Stockholm, i am having a blast here, if it wasn't for the damn weather... in december at 2.30 pm is DARK!!! hate that.

For the rest, it's great, lots of interesting folks here, and the girls wooooo... uuhhm hope my girlfriend doesn't read this hehe.

Hope this yellow background is not bothering u too much ;-)




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