Nice background uhu?
I love the sky, expecially when it's blue. Unfortunatly in the country
I'm living now the sky is never blue, is rather gray, and rains like hell.

So I had to give up one of my favourite hobbies, flying.
I had a small airplane in Italy, before a friend crashed it.
But hey, in the meanwhile i moved to another country, here it snows instead.
And guess what? i moved again. Here it snows and it is sunny as well.
Lots of cows too.
if u have gotten so far, maybe (even if i cannot imagine why)
u are interested in knowing more about me. So click the links below.
Is there anyone into Palm Reading out there? If there is, check out the relative page
and email me about my future. Or guess my past and email me. If you guess right
I'll email you the picture of my girlfriend naked. Or my picture naked if you are a girlie he he! (just kidding)